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9 Juju Pins were removed from my son’s throat-Mother of dɛad Kumawood Osei Tutu narrates how he diɛd

The biological mother of the late Kumawood Actor Osei Tutu says that her son boldly told her about the secret surrounding his looming death. Again, he reportedly Vomited 9 Needles and blood before his untimely death.

The mother explained this to the media in an exclusive interview. According to her, the late Tutu is the only person taking care of her as an old woman. It got to a time that they were not hearing from him. They thought that he had gone on set. However, it was keeping long than usual.

Due to this, the mother sent someone to go and check up on him since she ( the mother) can’t walk. That was when they discovered that he was seriously sick. At that moment, Tutu boldly told his mother about the secret behind his looming death.

” My son told me that someone in the Kumawood movie industry has taken him to a spiritualist to end his life. In the process, my son Vomited 9 needles and blood. That happened before his death. Anytime he coughed, blood followed.” The mother explained in an exclusive interview attached to this article.

Meanwhile, many people have been criticising the late Kumawood Actor for following different juju personalities and interviewing them on TV. Tutu reportedly played host and interviewed many money ritual deities. Perhaps, he might have come in contact with one of them willingly for himself or unwillingly against his wish.

The mother is deeply traumatised but his son is no more.

You can click on the link below to watch the late Tutu’s mother speaking amidst tears.

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