A Lesson on South Africa’s Sporting Heritage

People, especially parents, rarely expect to do school sports tours to teach history, culture, social studies and more. Ultimately it’s a way for young athletes to meet players from other countries, how to play the games they choose there, and of course a way to see the world.

However school sports tours to South Africa are another matter. Here, especially when it comes to rugby, a focused sports tour can be more than just physical education or an entry into the study of human kinetics. A well-planned tour can teach a touch of colonial history and show what athletes have always known since the first Olympics: this sport is a vehicle for reconciliation,

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School sports tours to South Africa crystallize the idea of unity through sport in a more realistic and therefore more rewarding way. As perpetuated in the film “Mandela”, rugby played a huge role in unifying the apartheid-destroyed country of South Africa. There was a particularly moving moment in the film when the Antidorks won the Rugby World Cup in their homeland in 1995. Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela, then the national leader accused of uniting the country, wore the jersey. Captain of equipment number 6: Fran1cois Pienaar, white African. The defining moment, in which the two embraced in a spontaneous gesture, was an important step towards reconciliation across the country.

Two sports, two races, one nation, it no longer exists

School sports excursions to South Africa can be a lesson in history, politics, economics and sports. Here students learn about the checkered past of the country; Like the fact that in ancient South Africa, according to apartheid rules, rugby was the game of whites, especially Afrikaans, while people of color played football. This later changed, with the South African Rugby Football Association establishing an active development program across the country to make it a game for all South Africans.


Students on trips to South Africa will of course learn about the Springboks, the country’s national rugby team, the team that all talented young South Africans (now, even colored ones) dream of ever joining.

Well rounded destination

However school sports tours are of course more than lectures on the history and dynamics of racing. Students experience invitational tournaments with teams from other schools, locals and other countries, often with famous athletes.

More than just rugby

Because children will need more than history lessons and rugby games, flight schedules also include other activities aimed at broadening the student’s sports horizons.

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