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Abena Korkor’s Saga – Where Are The Women Activists And Feminists?

Weeks in and weeks out, social media is always forced to react to the delirium of Abena Korkor. She sometimes get lambasted for mentioning names of celebrities she claims to have slept with. The once promising UCC graduate, seems to have succumb to the darkness of mental health.

Earlier this week, the mental health activist and socialite posted a set of inappropriate pictures of herself showing her neatly and closely shaved “property” to the entire world for the first time in the history of her craziness.

Is Abena Korkor Doing This Intentional?

It has been said that Korkor is suffering from a bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder, previously known as manic depression, is a mood disorder characterized by periods of depression and periods of abnormally-elevated happiness that last from days to weeks each.

Her inconsistency in her speech in the various released videos suggests a serious mental health emergency that needs help. To say that she is intentionally doing that will be unfair conclusion.

The Sad Reality Of Korkor’s Case

The very ones sheepishly suggesting that Abena Korkor needs mental health attention are the same who, fully mindful of her disability, turn around and invite her into their studios to expose her to even greater scorn and harm, urging her on in the name of trending. Is your studio a mental health facility?

Where Are The Gender Activist And Feminist?

There are many great gender activist and feminist movement but it seems they are very quiet on the issue of Korkor. What are they doing to help her?

The issue of mental health is a very difficult situation in Ghana because, it seems the the nation haven’t really invested much in helping victims with slightly mental disorder.

It’s time for the activist and feminist who usually condemns deragatory statements made against women by some politicians, to also act and help Abena Korkor.

Together with her family, they can liase to suspend her from social media and the public eyes for the time being. As humans, we can all be victims of a mental health issue at any time and so we need to show concern and help victims fight through.

Watch her recent video below

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