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Accra Floods: People should learn how to swim – Cwesi Oteng

Gospel Musician and known sympathize of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has Cwesi Oteng has expressed shock that people won’t learn how to swim when they know that Accra floods are perennial and should be expected.

After a few hours of rain, several areas in Accra got flooded. Photos and videos available on social media painted a very gloomy picture of the situation which is usually recorded each year.

Some celebrities have reacted to the floods.

Commenting on the situation, Cwesi Oteng expressed shock that Ghanaians especially those who reside in Accra have failed to take swimming lessons when they know they have to expect the floods.

Making his position on the floods known in a tweet Cwesi Oteng said “So you know it floods every year in Accra and you still can’t swim?. It’s not funny”.


Source: MyNewsGh.

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