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Agradaa will never repent – Kintana

Follower of Common Sense Family, Yahuda Kintana, has emphatically stated that, Ghanaian fetish priestess turn Evangelist, Nana Agradaa at her core will always remain a fetish.

According to him, her actions and her current way of living does not show that she feels remorse for things she did in the past.

In an interview with Rev. Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9FM’s Nsem Pii, he said, “If truly she has repented, then we expect her to do what’s right. Rather, we see her insulting people and making fun of them, so my conclusion to this is that she can’t and will never feel remorseful for all she has done.”

Yahuda believes the prophetess has just upgraded her money-making ritual strategy and finds it quite unfortunate that some Ghanaians actually believe and still follow her.

“If she has repented as she claims, then she should have also returned at least part of the money she made from scamming people. I’m sure she even used part of that same money to buy the church she’s using now. But if you have truly repented then you should have started from scratch,” he emphasized.

Yahuda noted that, all he want is for Ghanaians to understand Agradaa has not changed “and a time is coming when the people who doubt me will come to realize that everything I am saying about her is true.”

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