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Amazing: Afia Kobi Girls Manufacture First Ever Plane In Kumasi; Pushes It Continuously To Fly In The Sky

Students of Afia Kobi Ampem Girls have manufactured the first ever mini aeroplane in Kumasi. After showing it to the Minister of Education Dr Osei Yaw Adutwum, the Girls tested it by pushing it continuously to fly in the high skies.

The achievement of the Girls was lauded by machine lovers and manufacturers. The mini aeroplane which could also be called a drone could be used to carry light materials.

Over the years, the Government of Ghana led by Vice President Doctor Mahmoud Bawumia has been using drones in the distribution of blood to clinics in rural areas. That has saved the lives of many Ghanaians who needed emergency blood services at facilities where cars can’t travel easily.

That means, if the Girls are supported by government, they can manufacture plenty of the mini aeroplanes to support government’s agenda of sending emergency blood services to more rural communities.

” This is a great achievement by all standards. The Girls have proven that they are learning something better to solve problems in our communities. They need to be lauded and supported First Ever Plane manufactured in Kumasi is an achievement” An old student Clement Kofi Agyemang Sarkodie reacted to the news.

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