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BoG spends 179 million Cedis in printing Ghanaian Cedis for 2021

The Bank of Ghana’s 2021 Audited Financial Statement has revealed that it spent ¢179 million to print more cedis.


This is, however, far lower than the ¢347.8 million used in 2020.

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According to the statement, ¢25.26 billion of cash was in circulation in 2021, compared with ¢23.3 billion in 2020.


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This comprised ¢24.89 billion notes and ¢365,113 million coins.



In terms of the notes in circulation, ¢6.53 billion of the ¢200 note was in circulation in 2021. This is compared with ¢4.32 billion the previous year.

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The ¢50 note followed, with ¢5.56 billion in circulation in 2021, as against ¢5.71 billion in 2020.


For the ¢100 note, ¢4.31 billion were in circulation in 2021 compared to ¢3.39 billion in 2019.



The ¢20 and ¢10 notes in circulation in 2021 were ¢4.89 billion and ¢2.44 billion respectively. This is against ¢5.42 and ¢2.99 billion respectively in 2020.


On the other hand, ¢874.31 million, ¢6.50 million and ¢239.97 million of the ¢5, ¢2 and ¢1 notes were in circulation in 2021. This is compared to ¢1.04 billion, ¢88.9 million and ¢179.03 million in 2020.


For the coins, ¢38.29 million of the ¢2 was in circulation in 2021, as against ¢42.89 million of the ¢1.

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With regard to the 50 pesewa, 20 pesewa and 10 pesewa coins, ¢111.86 million, ¢110.72 million and ¢49.90 million were in circulation last year.

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