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Brother of Resurrection Power pastor’s wife breaks silence on tussle

A brother-in-law to the general overseer and senior pastor of Resurrection Power New Generation Church (RPNGC), Jonhson Kwasi Asare, has waded into the seeming tussle over the leadership of the church in the absence of Reverend Anthony Kwadwo Boakye.

Reverend Boakye, who has been invalid for several months, in a recent audiotape, asked that his wife, Rev. Mrs Margaret Boakye, stay away from the management of the church’s finances in his absence.

“The truth is that when she had not taken over the management of finance, she was of good character. However having assumed control of financing, her behaviour has changed. Therefore I have written a letter and I am as well sending this audio that I Rev Boakye based on what I have heard has asked Rev Mrs Boakye to rather focus on her duties as a pastor’s wife. From today, you have been taken away from the money, don’t count money again,” he stated in the voice recording shared by Oman Channel.

But responding to the tape in an interview with Ekuonaba TV, Mrs Boakye’s younger brother, Johnson Akwasi Asare, tagged the order by the general overseer as an attempt by a cartel to take over the church.

According to him, his sister following the ailment of her husband has only sought to ensure prudent management of the church’s financial books in the absence of the general overseer.

He however posits that some of the church leaders who are interested and bent on stealing the church funds have ended up instigating Rev. Boakye against his wife.

“I am not here to hold brief for my sister but I feel pained about the accusations levelled against her. It is rather the church members who are squandering the money. Elder Yeboah and Elder Boat are the ones picking from the church coffers. I told my sister that if she wants peace, she can step aside for them to have their way. If my sister was a signatory to the accounts of the church I wouldn’t be bothered.”

“Yes, she monitors the money but the reason for that is that in 2019, my brother who is an accountant and a pastor at Kumasi was called by Reverend Boakye to audit the church’s accounts. Because tithes received were not reflected. When my brother investigated, he found that they were clamouring for the church money like peanut,” he added.

According to Asare, Reverend Boakye’s children and some leaders of the church have since December last year, taken his sick brother-in-law into hiding and have since prevented his sister (Rev. Mrs Margaret Boakye) from having access to her husband.

He further revealed that Rev. Boakye through his lawyers has served a notice to his wife who has taken over the management of the church asking her to stay away from the pulpit until he returns.


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