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Cina Soul announces debut EP “For Times We Lost” | SEE DETAILS

Cina Soul has announced her first new EP “For Times We Lost” which is highlighted by the release of the cover art photo. Per a statement on her various social media channels, “For Times We Lost” came together after she spent most of her time focusing on the wrong energy and now she is focusing on establishing herself, and elevating “Kla Manye.”

“I spent most of my time focusing on the wrong energy,” she posted on her official social media channels. “And now I’m focusing on myself, elevating Kla Manye and I see life in such a beautiful perspective. Exciting times ahead! This is for everyone that found themselves again!!”

“For Times We Lost”, which will reportedly arrive this year, marks Her first EP since she emergence. She has always excelled at creating exuberant, cathartic songs from immensely challenging emotions and that is exactly what she has delivered with KiDi on her heartland afrosoul anthem that will surely be hollered back to her at shows.

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