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Covid vaccines are safe for pregnant women – Medical Director

The Medical Director of the , Dr Emmanuel Srofenyo has said Covid-19 vaccines are safe for pregnant women.

He has therefore appealed to all pregnant women who are yet to be inoculated not to resist the vaccines.

He explained that during the early days of vaccination, pregnant women exempted from the exercise because it was not safe for them according to research at the time

This made it impossible for the pregnant to receive the vaccines, a situation that resulted in the death of some.

But currenlty, Dr Srofenyo, said, researches have shown the the vaccines are safe during pregnancy.

He told TV3 in interview during the Mothers’ Day celebration on Sunday May 8 that “During the pandemic, one of the category of people who were particularly affected were the pregnant women, unfortunately some of them we lost them because of Covid.

“Now researches have been done and it has been shown that Covid vaccination are safe during pregnancy, so pregnant women should not be resistant or hesitant when we talk about Covid 19 vaccines.”

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