E/R: NPP Asst. Secretary hopeful Kwasi Osei-Danso Ofori-Atta unveils vision for the Region

E/R: NPP Asst. Secretary hopeful Kwasi Osei-Danso Ofori-Atta unveils vision for the Region

In an era where technology is at the centre of every institution’s growth, there is a need for persons placed in positions of trust to champion the agenda in order for various institutions to catch up with the growth and technological drive.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been a leader in the drive for digitalization to make life, administration and every other aspect of life easy and seamless.

To drive this agenda in the political party in order to make work seamless across board and avoid delays which are mainly due to the fact that people have to travel to get documents signed and issues addressed, Kwasi Osei-Danso Ofori-Atta has put himself up to contest for the position of Deputy Secretary for the Eastern Region.

He comes to the position with a wealth of experience in Information Technology and years of being at the forefront of Political Strategy.

Kwasi Osei-Danso Ofori-Atta is presenting his humble self to serve the people of the Eastern Region as their Assistant Secretary.

He puts himself up for the position to streamline activities of the political party to make it seamless, and attractive and also help the party in its bid to make history in the 2024 elections by breaking the eight-year cycle.

Speaking to MyNewsGh.com on his bid for Assiatant Regional Secretary he indicated that he intends to work closely with the Secretary for the region in order to change the fortunes of the political party.

He indicated that NPP in the region will align with the national vision of the current government to ensure that information is digitized to allow for efficiency.

“Most of the Constituency offices are handicapped when it comes to the digitization aspect of our system. So to get this right I will table this before my boss who is the regional secretary to seek his approval to seek for funds. Actually, we are on the verge of making some vital presentations to these constituency offices. I would want to liaise with my boss and then see how best we can resource these constituency offices and furnish them with the right tools.”

“The constituency will have to get a connected system that is accessible to all. So when you are a party member you can easily access what the party is doing, and connect to the right people within their constituency. I will also ensure that through my boss, all constituencies will have wifi. That helps to promote the digitization agenda being promoted by the President and the Vice President.”

Ofori Attah acknowledged the role of TESCON in the activities of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and therefore indicated that there will be a database to register all TESCON members in the various constituencies.

He said he will do this in consultation with the Youth Organizer for the Region and at the Constituency level in order to make it easier for TESCON members to be provided with the needed support.





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