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Former Methodist Bishop’s comment: Nobody will be safe if NDC comes back to power – Kwamena Duncan

Kwamena Duncan, has condemned the verbal attacks by members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Rt. Rev. Stephen R. Bosomtwe Ayensu, a Superintendent Minister of the Amakom Circuit of the Methodist Church – Kumasi Diocese.

Speaking on Peace FM’s ‘Kokrokoo’ morning show, the former Central Regional Minister, slammed the NDC for describing the Bishop as an NPP Propagandist.

He said the man of God only expressed his thoughts on a national issue stressing that if the party wants to respond to him, they should be courteous in their reply.

To him, the “babies with sharp teeth” have decided to verbally assault the Bishop which, in his view, has always been the hallmark of the NDC.

“It’s true that religious leaders must see themselves in that light but everybody is human. If a religious leader or Pastor says something and you don’t agree with him, it doesn’t call for provocative attacks.

“The NDC of old, NDC the same, NDC forever; meaning if they are not happy with something you say, instead of sharing their thoughts and expressing their disagreements, they resort to the use of seditious comments. So, nobody is safe if ever we made that mistake and get them back into power,” Kwamena Duncan said.

Members of the opposition NDC did not take it lightly with the former Methodist Bishop responded to former President John Dramani Mahama’s statement that he will repeal the controversial E-Levy should the party win the 2024 elections.

Rt. Rev. Bosomtwe Ayensu, after making comments on what the former President said, has been described as an “NPP propagandist in a cassock” by some leading members of the NDC.

What exactly did John Dramani Mahama say to be responded to by the former Methodist Bishop?

John Dramani Mahama at a public lecture on Monday, May 2, said, “A new National Democratic Congress government, God willing and with the votes of the sovereign people of Ghana – in 2025 – will repeal the E-Levy Act. Even as this government remains fixated with taxing their way out of economic mismanagement, the Akufo-Addo government has been wasteful.”

In response, the Bishop said; “A leading opposition party says this government has been borrowing to fund projects. But it [the government] has been strategic this time to introduce this homegrown policy to build our nation. So if someone says he will repeal this law when he wins power, then such a person will not even win power to abort it.

“If the E-levy is a good policy why will you abolish it? Such people can’t even do it because history keeps guiding us. Such comments usually end up as a political talk and deceit.”

Sammy Gyamfi, Director of Communication in a reply to the Bishop’s comments, stated that:

“The NDC as a responsible opposition has every right to state our position if we feel certain policies of the government will unnecessarily burden Ghanaians and also provide an alternative solution to that. If you think or feel otherwise, you can equally comment without attacking or making disparaging comments about the person of the former President HE John Dramani Mahama.

“He (Rt. Rev. Ayensu) is a vile, unintelligent NPP propagandist parading in cassock…no rational man of God will do this,” he fumed.

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