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Ghana must have a coalition Gov’t – Nana Prof. S.K.B. Asante

Nana Susubribi Krobea Asante has said Ghana should have in place a coalition government in a bid to get rid of the “winner-takes-all” system in the country.

He expressed his displeasure at what he calls the “exclusive approach to governance” in the country and want an all-inclusive political system.

Speaking with Kent Mensah on Sunday Night on Asaase Radio, he said, “I’m very unhappy about what I call the exclusive approach to governance. I want a more consensual approach even when there is a majority and minority. And the ideal way of doing it which I know would not be accepted by the political class is to have a coalition government.”

“This will consist of cabinet ministers on the basis of the ratio in Parliament such that the membership will be determined based on the proportion that you get in Parliament; this is my idea,” he added.

“So that every election would not be a case of life and death; there will be provision for everybody. I know it will not be accepted, because they are very keen on competing but that’s my idea.”

He added, “The next thing which I think should be feasible is that people get very worried about certain positions being influenced by one political party or the other; chairperson of the Electoral Commission, CHRAJ, Supreme Court judges, Governor of the Bank of Ghana. I think all these people should be appointed on the basis which involves some sort of prescribed majority which will involve the opposition.

“So that there the feeling that certain appointees are national appointees and help to defuse this idea of extreme majoritarianism.”


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