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Gifty Anti Deceived Young Girls Marriage Isn’t Important, Look at her Today – A Plus Descends on Gifty Anti

Kwame A Plus totally tore veteran TV moderator and resigned women’s activist Gifty Anti to pieces over false reverence in a new meeting.

A Plus said Gifty Anti misled numerous young women that there’s nothing mind blowing about marriage during the time that she was single and had no man to wed.

As indicated by A Plus, the second she tracked down a commendable man to wed, she deserted every one of her standards and got hitched.

He added that Gifty Anti then turned out to be so glad for her marriage that she even added a title in her possession, Oheneyere.

A Plus went further to destroys Anti, uncovering every one of her cases about men being nothing were switched as she even proceeded to stoop before her significant other.

The questionable political pundit and extremist was remarking on women’s activists and expressed large numbers of them aren’t certified.

He said they just continually slam men since they haven’t found any legitimate one to settle down with yet, as Gifty Anti used to do.

He likewise tended to claims that he doesn’t regard ladies by uncovering a great deal of things he has done to help ladies.

Watch Kwame A Plus beneath…


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