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‘Her eyes, brows and smile gingered me’ – Asamoah Gyan narrates how he met his first love

Ghana legend Asamoah Gyan has detailed how he met his first girlfriend, revealing that it was love at first sight.

The veteran striker made the revelation in his autobiography, titled Legyandary, which is currently being serialised by Joy Sports with permission from King-Dawie Publishers.

Gyan said he met the girl while schooling at Seven Great Princes Academy, explaining that her eyes, brows and smile enticed him.

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“I continued my education at Seven Great Princes Academy and indeed, it was during my school days, that I met my first love. I was walking to my class. I hit my foot against a stone and almost tripped,” Gyan wrote in his book.

“When I stabilized I turned to look at the rock when our eyes met. You could say it was love at first sight. The curve of her brows, the glint in her eyes, the smile that drew on her face; I knew she was the one. We locked eyes for what seemed like an eternity till a friend of mine interfered.

“I later looked for her and we established a rapport immediately. We started talking and after some time we grew very close. She was the light of my world and the excitement of seeing her every day was enough to ginger me get to school.

“Love was sweet and beautiful with her. We could smile at each other during morning assembly and sometimes I would blow her a kiss when no one was watching. I was fourteen and in love!”

The former Sunderland forward further revealed that his love affair with the girl led to some consequences, as her dad did not approve of it.

According to Gyan, he once contemplated confronting the girl’s father after he beat her up for returning home late.

“In fact, we were so in love and could not keep away from each other. After school, I’d walk her home, then she’d also walk me back to mine. We could go on like that till we grew tired of walking and sit down to chat into the night, without regard for the time. We were young and in love.

“One of those extended hours led to her Dad giving her a severe beating when she got home late. My heart missed a beat when I saw her with scars on her hands and her back,” he added.

Gyan’s autobiography was launched on April 29, 2022, at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra and was graced by several influential personalities.

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