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Here’s what Sir John gave to his future wife in controversial Will

Out of some 13 private vehicles owned by the late Forest Commission Boss, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie also known as Sir John, one was Willed to a ‘non-existent’ wife.

In documents that emerged over the weekend, purported to be the Will of Sir John, it appears he made provision for a ‘future wife’ in the event that he married any before his death.

Whilst allocating vehicles to his nephews, sons, nieces and other family members, the last mention under the ‘PRIVATE VEHICLES’ portion of the document, Sir John clearly noted that upon his demise, he gives same to some 8 persons, one of whom was a ‘future wife’.

“I give my Lexus saloon car, 2019 model to any future wife that I may marry. If I should die before I marry, then the said Lexus saloon car shall be given to my nephew Kwabena Amoateng,” the Will read.

Sir John’s Will for existing Wife?

Meanwhile, the former Forest Commission Boss also made mention of one Agnes Boakye who has previously claimed to be his widow in his Will.

Despite the mention of Agnes who is also known as Akosuah Darkoah, he indicated that nothing more will be Willed to her in the event of his death because he had already made adequate provision for her while he was alive.

“Sir John’s wife I have already taken care of Agnes Boakye (aka Akosuah Darkoah) during my lifetime. I have already gifted her a house at East Legon Hills, one at Kumasi and also two vehicles. I have again secured for her a store at the New Kejetia Market, all I have given to her absolutely. SHE THEREFORE HAS NO FURTHER INHERITANCE IN ANY OF MY PROPERTIES OTHER THAN WHAT I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN TO HER,” parts of the Will read.

The said Agnes Boakye in January 2022 had filed a suit in court, challenging the allocation of properties to family members by Sir John who was described as her late husband in reports.

The report by indicated that Agnes had sued executors of Sir John’s properties over attempts to sideline her in the process of property sharing and for sharing the properties without her knowledge.

Her lawyers argued that the Will failed to make ‘reasonably adequate provisions’ for her and that several attempts to sit down with the family including with executors of the Will had failed.

Sir John’s former aide debunks ‘widow’ claims

In another interview with Kofi TV later shortly after, Charles Owusu who is said to have been aide to the deceased Sir John refuted claims by Agnes that she was his boss’ widow.

According to him, though the two had been seen together on several occasions and there was an existing relationship between both, he had no idea of any marriage between same.

“I can’t tell if she was just a girlfriend. The truth is that seven years after I started walking with Uncle (Sir John), which will be five years ago because I followed Uncle for close to ten years, I met this woman called Agnes Boakye, also known by some people as Akosuah Darkoah, who was resident in London.

“From time to time, she used to come around, sometimes once in a year, and I used to see her around. I will not deny that I haven’t seen her before; I saw her and the man (Sir Jonh) severally, but it is not up to me to say she was a wife or she wasn’t a wife,” he added.

According to Charles Owusu, despite claims by the plaintiff that the properties have been shared, that is not the situation. He notes that due process is being ensured in the distribution of the properties in conformity with the dictates of the Will of the late Kojo Owusu-Afriyie alias Sir John.


Sir John’s name emerged shortly after controversies surrounding the sale of portions of the Achimota Forest land made waves.

Documents purported to be his Will circulated in the news, with portions of the Will indicating his ownership of portions of the said Achimota Forest Lands which he allocated to some of his family members.

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