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How my rich Sakawa boyfriend and bestie planned to use me for sacrifice – Lady sadly narrates [Video]

A Ghanaian lady based in Obuasi in the Ashanti region has shared her story of how she was nearly used for sacrifice.

The lady shared her story of how her sakawa boyfriend planned to use her for sacrifice to social media users in a viral video.

According to her, she was happy in a relationship until his boyfriend started facing financial difficulties.

With his beloved boyfriend going broke, her two friends convinced her to dump him and she eventually did after one of her friends linked her to a rich young man.

Though she was hesitant to accept this rich man’s proposal, with time she decided to give it a try and it paid off when the man showed her great love, showered her with money without asking, and made sure she was happy.

She continued that the rich man who had no time to waste proposed marriage which her family accepted in good faith.

Together with the man, they went to the market to shop for their planned wedding.

When they returned to the rich man’s house he sat her down and showed her all the rooms in the house and warned her never to enter one particular room.

According to her, it dawned on her that there might be more to what the man said so she discussed it with her friend who convinced her this shouldn’t be a big problem.

Out of curiosity, she visited the man’s house while he was away and decided to check that very room she’s been warned never to enter.

She opened the door to the room and there was another small room in that room whose entrance was littered with red leaves.

According to the girl she felt a heavy wind flowing and saw the stuff she bought for their wedding but just when she was about to enter, she heard the man’s car sounding a bell.

She quickly rushed out to open the door for the car to enter and the man said he returned home to fetch something he forgot when going to work.

He asked the girl to leave and return when he is back from work in the evening.

Listen to her full narration in the video below;

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