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‘I don’t take things that are not mine’ – Taxi driver who returned GHC8,400 speaks

The taxi driver who has become the toast of people on social media for returning monies found in his car to the rightful owner has spoken about why he decided to return the money.

Isaac Ackon said his decision was premised on the principle of not taking things that are not his.

In an interview on Accra-based Asempa FM, Ackon said, it took him very little time to decide on returning the money when he got home and realised that the said amount had been left in his taxi.

‘’I saw the money in my car after closing from work but after consulting my wife briefly about it, I decided to return the cash. The simple reason is that I don’t take things that are not mine,’’ he explained.

He added that in his seven years as a taxi driver, he has returned five mobile phones to their rightful owners.

It emerged that a fundraiser started by journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni, to reward his honesty had started reaping results.

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia gave a cash sum of 20,000 cedis to Isaac Ackon, while musician KiDi also rewarded him with a cash sum of 5,000 cedis among others.

Ackon has severally been celebrated by social media users who are sharing his story with the lesson that honesty pays.

His church, the Pentecost Church has since weighed in. The Church posted his photo on social media platforms with the caption:

“Kwesi Ackon, a taxi driver and member of THE CHURCH OF PENTECOST, is being celebrated by the whole world for showing patriotism and high integrity, having returned an amount of GHC 8,400.00 he found in his taxi cab to the owner.”

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