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I Have Regretted, I Will Not Use My Platform To Defend You Again – Kevin Taylor To Nam1

Kevin Taylor, founder and CEO of Loud Silence Media has dropped some revelations about what he plans to do with some individuals who have failed him.

According to Kevin Taylor, he used his platform to defend Nana Appiah Mensah(NAM1) some time ago but NAM1 has failed him. He added that he(Kevin Taylor) blasted government for destroying the businesses of NAM1 but it turns out that the government was right. He added that Nana Appiah Mensah is a fraudster and what the government did was the right thing. Kevin Taylor, however blasted the government again for failing to pay the investment some Ghanaians made into that business after making series of promises to them.

Kevin Taylor promised that he will never use his platform to defend Nana Appiah Mensah again. He added that he regret defending him.

This comes after NAM1 says his followers on social media give him an “urge” to turn the fortunes of his company around and get back into business by a year’s time. Menzgold Ghana Limited was a gold dealership and investment firm that promised customers an average of 7-10 percent monthly returns on investments. When the Government of Ghana found out it that it was “fraudulent,” it shut it down.

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