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It’s a worry black youth use social media to shake and display their bums – Ras Mubarak

Former Member of Parliament(MP) for Kumbungu Constituency Ras Mubarak has expressed worry over how social media is being used in Africa, especially in Ghana.

He says while the white kids are using the platform to inform and educate, the Black kids use it as a platform to shake their bums whiles the boys use it to fool.

Ras Mubarak believes that the youth are losing it and there is, therefore, the need to redirect their path onto one that will be beneficial.

He made his observation known in a post shared on social media.

Ras Mubarak said “When you turn on tik tok and other social media platforms, while Black girls are busy shaking their backside, with Black boys also fooling about, White folks are largely focused on either passing relevant information and facts or motivation. It’s about time we redirect the energies of our young people.

These youngsters are lost if they continue thinking bums are all there is to a young Black girl. As a good friend of mine put it, “these girls don’t even want u to look at their faces. All they doing is playing music and shaking buttocks.” We can do better as a race than objectify African girls”.

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