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It’s difficult to find love in Ghana – Actress Yvonne Nelson cries out [Watch]

Popular Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson says despite her tireless efforts to find love in Ghana, she has not been able to find anyone yet in the country.

Speaking in an interview with Kingdom FM in Accra, Yvonne Nelson disclosed that she has been unlucky in romantic relationships with Ghanaian men.

She added that she had several men she genuinely liked, but they didn’t think she liked them, hence their relationship failed.

Yvonne Nelson said; “Finding love in this country is quite difficult. Ghanaian men don’t love me, I’ve met a couple of people that I liked they didn’t even believe that I liked them.”

Yvonne continued to say that she has lost interest in finding love and, according to her, has not had sexual relations with anyone in the past two years because she knows how to control herself.

“After a year I went straight without it. I can control myself when it comes to that. I don’t have a love interest even though I wish I did,” she revealed.

After the host of the show, Fiifi Pratt, pushed her to clarify the assertions, she said “if Ghanaians are not interested in me what else do you expect.”

Watch the video below for more :

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