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Jealous woman buries lady’s passport and visa with in-law’s corpse in Kumasi

Naomi Agyemang, a lady who resides in Kumasi, has lamented that her passport and visa have been buried with a dead body.

Naomi claims that her aunt, Georgina, sent her to Switzerland with the responsibility of looking after her niece and nephew.

“My Aunty Georgina sent me to Switzerland to take care of her child she said the Switzerland government will pay me, but I worked for a year without pay.” Naomi shared on Oyerepa Afutuo.

She said that when they arrived in Switzerland, she worked so hard that her spinal cord isn’t working as efficiently as it should at the present time.

“When we got to Switzerland, there were three workers in her house but my Aunty stopped them for me to work alone claiming I would get more pay from the government but the pay never arrived.” She stated.

According to Naomi, when she returned to Ghana for the holidays, she surrendered her passport to Maa Rita since she had already used it (sister of Georgina).

After some time had passed, she went to get the passport, but she was informed that Georgina’s mother-in-law had buried it.

“I came back to Ghana for holidays, and gave my passport to Maa Rita. When I went for the passport, she (Maa Rita) told me they have buried it with Georgina’s in-law”.  Naomi told Auntie Naa host of the show.

Naomi said that her Aunty Georgina had accused her of having a romantic connection with her husband, Uncle Fiifi.

Naomi’s Aunty Georgina was the one who made the accusation. In spite of this, she insisted that they were not dating.

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