Kennedy Agyapong’s Allegation Of Stolen Lands By Npp Big Wigs Sparks More Controversies

Kennedy Agyapong’s allegations against members of his own party over stolen lands is getting more and more attention. Kennedy Agyapong is reacting to incompetence and the illegalities that most people in his own party engage themselves in and tarnish the image of the party.

For Kennedy, the party is not what is a problem. He can see that the major problem comes from the few bad nuts who make Ghanaians classify the entire party as this or that. Kennedy thinks that there are people in his own party who are ready to cheat others or take government lands or assets for their own gain and this is wrong so he will always speak about it.

Speaking about Stephen Ntim, the chairman for the Ghana lands commission, he revealed that the man has not been genuine in his line of duty. Kennedy Agyapong boldly exposed him on account of manipulating him and scamming him of an amount of money he paid for a land.

These allegations by Kennedy Agyapong on the hot seat hosted by Kweku Annan were meant to tell the general public that it is high time individuals speak about relevant matters like this.

The fact that he is an Npp member does not guarantee his silence when the country is sinking in a pool of corruption and deceits. He claims after payments were made for a piece of land that he was meant to possess, he was scammed and had to fight for the land whiles being promised another.

He did not lay bare all details of this encounter but meant to say that there are people in this country who have no thoughts or heart for the country and its growth. So when a person is misbehaving, he or she should not be treated as a party member, a family member or anything. He claims Ghanaians must continue to speak up.

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