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Kevin Taylor Sends A “Strong” Message To Methodist Church Ghana Over Mahama Can’t Abolish E-Levy

The host of “With All Due Respect” and Chief Executive Officer of Loud Silence Media, Kevin Taylor has boldly sent a strong message to the Methodist Church Ghana over one of their pastor’s comments that Mahama can’t abolish E-levy.

One of the Pastors of Methodist Church Ghana boldly revealed that former President John Mahama will not even be elected as President, let alone abolish E-levy. He added that, in case, Mahama is elected as President, he can’t obey his promise to abolish E-levy.

While reacting to this story on the show, Kevin Taylor boldly questioned why the Methodist Church Ghana has kept mute on the pastor’s comments? He mentioned the Methodist Church disassociates itself from this as soon as possible because its integrity is at stake. He, however, labeled the said pastor in question as just an NPP propagandist and not a man of God.

” This man can never be a man of God. He’s just a poor NPP propagandist who has portrayed himself as a pastor. He’s not one but why is the chairman of the Methodist Church Ghana and the whole church quiet on this matter? The Methodist Church should come out as soon as possible to disassociate itself from the man’s comments or else its integrity is at stake. Let no man lie to you, Mahama will come and he will abolish the E-levy, case closed.” Kevin Taylor boldly revealed this on his show.

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