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Kweku Flick Blasts Mr. Logic For Undermining His Talent

Young Ghanaian hip-hop and hiplife performer Kweku Flick has taken controversial entertainment pundit Mr. Logic to the cleaners.

Mr. Logic is famed for blowing hot and cold in air and feels untouchable. He took his antics to the doorstep of Kwaku Flick and he reacted with wrath.

A bitter statements from Mr. Logic did not sit well with the budding musician and he took to Zionfelix’s interview to address it.

Zionfelix told Kwaku Flick the harsh statement passed about his music career and the Money singer said this in response.

First, he described Mr. Logic as a ” disappointed musician” adding that he speaks out of hatred because “He couldn’t do it, so he’s a disappointed musician”.

Kweku Flick also said Mr. Logic is not God and he cannot conclude that his career has faded off like the Kumerican wave.

“He’s not God. It’s only God who can say that because of the things I’ve heard, seen, and gone through, I know where I’m headed to. I dream a lot, and whatever I dream about comes to pass.”

“When I had a dream about Kuami Eugene, I hadn’t even met him. I wasn’t even a singer then. I have seen a lot of things, and a lot of things are happening. What I have seen in the future and someone saying we won’t reach anywhere, I won’t bother myself,” Kweku Flick said.

Watch the video below.

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