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Kweku Flick renews management deal with BKC Music Limited

Following a very long time of bits of hearsay in regards to his future with his administration, artist and rapper, Kweku Flick, has recharged his administration contract with BKC Music Limited, as indicated by an assertion marked and shared by the name chief, Michael Asante.

“It required a very long time of exchange and conversations between the two gatherings on the heading of Kweku Flick’s vocation, bringing about a commonly valuable understanding,” BKC Music ltd. said in an assertion. “BKC Music Limited remaining parts the sole and lawful agents for all business identified with Kweku Flick and his music.

Advised expected financial backers on the risks of drawing in their ability without following due conventions, the administration said: “Any business that doesn’t go through BKC Music Limited will be dealt with unlawful, invalid as well as void.” “All invested individuals ought to be along these lines observe and direct the entirety of their arrangements through legitimate channels,” they encouraged.

Kweku Flick is a fast-growing hip-hop artist in Ghana who has truly lifted his music carrier in the inactive season of the coronavirus. He has done a lot of singles that are making waves through the internet with the most applauded one being his single titled Money. The song saw a lot of big artists in Ghana talking and jamming to it.

Kweku Flick describes himself as a trapper. According to him, a trapper is someone who does trap music and because trap is a subgenre of hip hop music, also trap music uses synthesized drums and is characterized by tuned kick drums and as a musician who does only Melodies, he found out that trap music will be the perfect genre for him because Melody is all about arranging of musical notes in a way that is attractive, enjoyable, etc.

Kweku Flick is currently working on his new debut EP – title and release date will be communicated later.

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