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Lady dancing with her boyfriend at club ‘smartly’ gives another man her number

A hilarious video has surfaced online showing the trick that a lady used to give another man her phone number in a club without her boyfriend’s knowledge.

In the footage shared on social media , the lady in question was seen performing a sensual dance for a man many suspect to be her ‘serious’ boyfriend.

While she was at it, another gentleman who was also at the mini party asked for her contact and she eagerly ‘spelled’ the digits out to him using creative hand gestures.

Netizen, who posted the video online dug into the minds of many social media users when he asked whether it was worse to be taking the contact of a lady with a guy or to be giving a contact to another man while with your guy.

“Between the giver and the taker who is worst? Fear men or fear Women? Eiii this Gen,” he asked.

Watch the video beneath :

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