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Lady Dies After She Slept With Her Sugar Daddy’s Monkey For $2000

A Nigerian lady has reportedly died after she had s3x with a money belonging to her sugar daddy.

According to information at hand, the lady identified as Cynthia was hired by the said man to sleep with together with his monkey for $2000.

Cynthia, a “runs girl,” was reportedly killed after an Alhaji picked her up for work at a nearby guest home.

She was given $2000 to sleep with a monkey, which she initially refused. However, Alhaji persuaded her, and she accepted the proposition due to the amount of money.

Cynthia agreed to sleep with the monkey in exchange for such a large sum.


The Alhaji left her, and a few hours later she started to feel sick to her stomach.

Cynthia was transported to the hospital by her friends, and it was revealed that maggots were flowing out of her private regions while she was losing consciousness, according to sources.

She later died in agony, leaving the $2000 behind.

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