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Lawyer Justin Frimpong Kodua celebrates women on their special day

It is a special occasion today as the world salutes mothers and, indeed, all women. I add my voice to the million other voices that eulogize these wonderful companions, especially all and potential Ghanaian mothers.

Women are exceptional beings. They are the gateway to procreation, and the pivot of all our successes.

The 21st century women continue to proof awesome as they break the glass ceiling to find their place and feet in the areas of academics, politics, law, healthcare, entrepreneurship and business. Most contemporary Ghanaian women are excelling in engineering, information and communication technology, management and administration, and other fields which hitherto were preserved for their male counterparts.

Their involvement in these areas have been critical in reshaping and enhancing our socio-economic lives.

In spite of the demanding nature of these new roles assumed by our women, they continue to prioritize their traditional responsibility of keeping an inhabitable home for family.

You are worthy of celebration for all your contributions to our lives.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all and prospective mothers.

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