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Let the media rent for you – Shatta Wale’s ‘brother’ blast mother for disgracing son

Let the media rent for you – Shatta Wale’s ‘brother’ blast mother for disgracing son:

Darlington Adams has blasted the mother of Shatta Wale for disgracing her son over her house eviction news.

The mother of Shatta Wale came out last week to reveal that she’s being evicted from the house her son claimed to have bought for her.

The mother says ever since her son took her to the East Legon house and told the world that he’s bought, she’s been living in there peacefully for half a decade only for someone to come to the house with eviction notice.

Apparently Shatta Wale didn’t buy the house for the mother but rented it and with the rent period elapsing the owner has showed up to evict the musician’s mother.

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Reacting to the news, Darlington Adams blasted the mother of Shatta Wale for running to the media with such a news

According to him the mother needn’t go to the media to disgrace her son but instead try to understand that the son told the world he bought the house did her for hype and branding purposes which is allowed in Showbiz.

He asked the mother if she would have ran to the media if her son wasn’t a famous musician?

The supposed ‘brother’ of Shatta Wale asked the media if they would give a random woman air time to seek for money for rent if that woman isn’t the mother of a celebrity?

Ending his take on the issue he advise the mother to let the media pay the rent for her or sell the car Shatta Wale bought for her to pay the rent.

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