Mahama has plans to cancel Free SHS – Methodist Bishop

Bishop Stephen Richard Bosomtwe Ayensu believes that John Dramani Mahama will cancel Free SHS when he is voted back to power.

He based his argument on the fact that the former President has given a stronger indication that he will repeal the controversial e-levy when given the mandate.

Bishop Stephen Richard Bosomtwe Ayensu says since John Dramani Mahama has plans to repeal e-levy which will bring the needed development to the country, then he will also cancel Free SHS since he’s against everything good.

“Look at what the NPP is doing to break the eight. They are putting in measures to ensure that corruption becomes a thing of the past. E-levy is good because with the VAT when you go and buy from the shop they will take VAT but as to whether they send it to the government nobody knows.


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VAT doesn’t bring money to the government so if e-levy comes and it is paperless and it’s electronic, and we are extra careful, it will help us to develop as a country. So why do you want to dismiss it? If you will cancel e-levy then you also have plans to cancel Free SHS. It’s a simple equation. He has decided to cancel everything because to him, it’s his opponent who implemented them. God wants to help us with these policies but you say you will repeal it, why?”

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