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Man Caught on Camera Stealing Side Mirror At East Legon – Video

Man Caught on Camera Stealing Side Mirror At East Legon – Video

Ghanaians can recall the recent robbery case which occurred at Danosman in the Greater Accra Region of which one of the suspect has been arrested by the police pending investigation. We trust the Ghana Police service for their good works.

On this faithful 25th May 2022, UTV uncovered another robbery incidence which occurred at East Legon in Greater Accra Region after a fearless criminal, storms the house of a rich man to steal from his expensive white private car.

According to the report from two UTV presenters at 6pm news, the fearless robber or criminal was in a yellow shirt. He went to the residence of the Rich man where his private car was parked at the road side almost at the entrance of the house.

It is however confusing why the owner of the car did not park the car inside his house but rather at the entrance. Upon second thought, it could be that the rich man only entered his house to pick something which perhaps he might have forgotten in other to attend to another important schedule that night.

Within 5 minutes, the criminal was able to remove all the slide mirrors from the Rich Man’s expensive car. The criminal quickly escape from the scene as he place the slide mirrors in his yellow shirt.

UTV presenters are therefore calling unto the Ghana Police service to do the necessary investigation in other to arrest the culprit as it was shown from the CCTV Footage.

Watch the video below.

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