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Medikal and Fella Busted after Signing Fake $200,00 Brand Ambassador Deal – Insider Drops Details

The IT couple have done it again! Kpando Beyonce and Sowutuom Jay-Z have once again found a way to try and swindle Ghanaians!

Medikal and Fella Makafui are in deep trouble after an alleged underground deal to launder some money was publicly exposed.

Medikal recently signed a deal with a skincare company as a brand ambassador.

The couple claims the deal is worth a whopping $200,000!

What skincare company in this part of the world can pay that amount to a B-list celebrity to advertise their products?

How much money is the company even going to make to cover the $200,000, not to even talk of making profit?

That alone tells you it’s a deal faker than that fake watch Medikal was busted wearing!

An insider quickly came out to reveal that the so-called Skincare company which signed Medikal belongs to Fella and the whole thing is a ruse.

Check out the following posts exposing the deal below…

Medikal has always been tagged as a fraud boy using music to hide the real source of his wealth.

If the claims here are true, then this so-called deal is pure money laundering at its finest.

You sign one deal and all of a sudden you can explain $200,000 in income – genius move!

This isn’t the first time this couple have been caught in a fake ambassadorial deal either – Fella once signed a deal with one Crystal Galaxy College and received a car as part of the deal.

We later found out the whole thing was a sham as the car was seized from Fella by its real owner!




Source: GhanaCelebrities

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