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Nana Agradaa Blasts Kevin Taylor’s Wife with Insults after Taylor Renamed her Yellow Baboon

Draining interest priestess turned Evangelist Nana Agradaa has terminated affronts at Kevin Taylor’s American spouse.

Agradaa tossed the most recent bomb in their long-running fight yet her zingers were simply excessively feeble.

She chose to go after Taylor’s better half as her counter yet she truly had no stinging clapbacks.

Agradaa guaranteed that Kevin Taylor couldn’t track down a Ghanaian lady to wed so had to wed a white woman.

She asserted that Taylor’s significant other has hard bottom, and irrationally attempted to guarantee she’s more lovely.

Her assaults came a far distance Taylor basically completed her in a video reaction we covered recently.

The U.S based political observer impacted Agradaa, renaming her a yellow primate.

He attacked her for being a trickster and fraudster and said she’s pregnant for her divine beings since they lay down with her.

Taylor said he won’t plunk down and permit Agradaa to keep defrauding poor Ghanaians.

The assault clearly cut profound, prompting Agradaa’s feeble reaction.

Look at her video beneath…


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