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Nana Agradaa Sharing Money in Church to Catch New Members After Fraudulent Acts Exposed

Nana Agradaa has jumped onto a new scam to get more church members as she’s now literally sharing money in her church.

A video from the premises of Agradaa’s temple shows her dashing money to attendees at her church.

Former fetish priestess Komfo Nana Agradaa now claims to be repented and is working as a prophetess/woman of God.

Her church is growing against all odds.

Agradaa was a top scammer during her days as a priestess yet despite that, some people still attend her church.

Things became bleak for her recently when a former colleague, Naana Brown, exposed her evil deeds.

Brown revealed in an interview the methods Agradaa used to scam people.

Agradaa angrily replied by raining insults on Brown and Despite Media for granting her an interview.

Amidst that damaging interview, smart annd wily Agradaa is now sharing money to retain members.

GhanaCelebrities.Com spotted a video clearly showing Agradaa gifting money in the church to retain her congregation.

Watch it below…


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