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News In: Bridget Otoo Slams NPP Foot Soldiers Again

Some members of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) who took Bridget Otoo to the cleaners yesterday have began rendering apologies after realizing that they got it all wrong.

Readers will recall, on May 3, 2022, Bridget Otoo posted a screenshot of how much she had to pay as E-levy for a bank transfer. The date on the screenshot was May 4 instead of May 3. This attracted the attention of many social media activists and communicators of the NPP, describing her post as “a propaganda gone bad”.

However, after several clarifications from those who have had similar experience and those who work at the backing sector, it has been confirmed that Madam Otoo did not fabricate the said information to make the government unpopular as claimed by the critics.

Consequently, apologies are beginning to trickle in from some of those who slammed her out ignorant.

But in a Facebook post sighted by this author on Wednesday, the outspoken media practitioner, has advised her antagonists to keep the apologies to themselves and pick a vital lesson from what has transpired.

According to her, the incompetence of the communication machinery of the NPP has been exposed due to their inability to verify her claims before reacting in the manner they have done.

“For a whole NPP communication to breakdown because of me, for them not to hesitate to verify from some of their members who are bankers speaks to the incompetence of their social media leadership and by extension, the government communication”.

Click on the link below to read her full statement.

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