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Nkoranza: Albert Donkor was shot dead by a police officer in his car– Barker-Vormawor makes wild claim

The lead convener of the Fix The Country Movement, Oliver Barker-Vormawor has revealed circumstances leading to the death of the young Albert Donkor whose death has caused upheaval in his hometown.

In a post he shared on Facebook, Oliver said boldly that the Municipal Police Command at the Bono East Region shot the young man in his car.

He said Albert Donkor’s mother went to see him writing his statement and was killed two hours after she had left the police station. He made the allegations in a Facebook post on Wednesday, May 18.

See his post below;

“Today let me share the things on my mind. I’m a bit emotional so it may come off disconnected or full of typos. Our society does not value Ghanaian lives. And that’s something that deeply pains me.

1. Remember when Ghanaians were burnt to death by fire at circle after the rains? The dead bodies were loaded on the back of a pick up truck. On top of each other. No body bags. I was in the US at the time. I was shocked by the humanity.

2. Remember when the Taadi girls were killed. The head of Police CID, Tiwaa Danquah went on national tv to promise that they have been found, alive! It was a lie. Nothing happened to her. She did not resign. She now heads Eoco. The parents are still traumatized till date.

3. Remember when Ahmed Suale was shot dead? After a Member of Parliament went on national TV to reveal the picture of the investigative journalist? Nothing happened. No demonstrations. Kennedy Agyapong was “promoted” to now head the Defence and Interior committee of Parliament, overlooking police budgetary issues and all law enforcement matters.

4. Remember when 7 young boys were murdered by Police and they claimed that they were armed robbers? Nothing happened when it was found out that the police lied. No national outrage. No single person at the top resigned.

5. When Ejura youth were murdered. Right on our screens. National TV. Not a single thing. We did eih eih eih in our rooms. No single person has been prosecuted.

6. When 11 people were killed during elections. We moved on. No single person took responsibility. A high ranking parliamentarian called them armed robbers.

7. Two MPs have been killed. Not a single person is in jail so far.

8. When Major Mahama was killed, we built a statue for him but failed to give him justice. That trial is still on going. At some point the judge threatened to throw it out because the prosecution wasn’t showing up in Court.

9. Ebenezer Dosu was arrested and kept in Ashaiman cells without food and refused medical attention. He died!

10. Albert Donkor was taken out of his cell and shot dead. His mother went to the Police station to see him writing his statement. He was killed by the time she returned in 2hours. She was told he was being held at 5 different police stations for three weeks. When he had been killed immediately after she left the Police station. Albert saw police officers committing robbery and reported to the police. Friends of the robbers, and they killed him. He died a whistleblower. For days we talked about it. Nothing happened.

11. Just like Kaaka, after Nkoranza youth, protested, they have now been shot dead. Just like Ejura, Ghanaians have moved on.12. A taxi driver died in police cells, in Sekondi. The police claimed he hanged himself. A pathologist has told the Court his oesophagus was intact, and that he could not have died as the police claim. We will move on.What value do we place on Ghanaian lives?


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