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Not all advocates for better living conditions are opposition members- Saddick Adams

Renowned Sports Journalist Saddick Adams has told the government’s attack dogs that not everyone calling for better standards of living belongs to the opposition party.

The government’s attack dogs on social media will use every opportunity available to drag people into the mud for being critical of the government.

They use unprintable words to describe people who complain vehemently about the government’s failure to make lives better although they promised the same.

These faceless individuals see critics are opposition members.


But reacting to the posturing of these people, Saddick Adams who is passionate about Ghana indicated that it’s imperative that attack dogs see people critical of the government as responsible people who want the best for the country.

He said they should not be seen and treated like they are members of the opposition political parties.

Making this known in a tweet, Saddick Adams said “Not everyone asking for good governance and better living conditions in the country belongs to the opposition. Some are just sensible and responsible citizens”.

Currently, Ghana is going through an economic meltdown which is affecting the standard of living in the country.

Prices of goods and services keep increasing by the day and although citizens have not been spectators and are complaining bitterly about their plight, nothing seems to be done about the situation.

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