NPP To Recapture All Lost Seats In WR In 2024

A Western Regional Secretary hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Charles Cobbina has vowed to help prosecute an effective campaign aimed at winning back all the seats the party lost in the region in the last general elections when given the nod.

“I shall work with the regional leadership of the party to provide the needed resources for party officers to embark on an effective campaign aimed at winning back seats that were lost in the last general elections and even more”, he stressed.

He said the NPP needs all its supporters and sympathizers to ‘break the 8’ and so his post-election activity would be to heal wounds, build bridges and unite the party for the huge task of ‘breaking the 8’.

Charles Cobbina, popularly called “Kempes” was speaking at a press conference in Takoradi on Wednesday ahead of the NPP Regional delegates conference on Saturday to elect regional officers for the party.

“We shall together work to change the face of our party in the region and put in place mechanisms for winning back seats that are currently in the hands of our opponent as well as make history by breaking the 8”, he stressed.

He told the media that his top priority in the first hundred days after being elected will be to provide laptop computers with moderns to all constituency secretaries and their deputies, Communication officers, and Research and Election officers.

“I believe that prompt and effective communication and research depend on access to modern devices and technology and technology for swift communication”.

“That is why I have committed to resourcing these officers of our party to ensure smooth and quick information flow”, he added.

He mentioned that he will ensure periodic health checks for all constituency officers to ensure a fit party machinery to campaign ahead of the 2024 elections.

He stated that ‘breaking the 8’ is no small endeavor and therefore the delegates should choose a secretary who is competent, experienced, inclusive, innovative, and mature.

“So we need a secretary who can calm nerves and bring the party together for the task ahead”, he pointed out.

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