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Pay 300 cedis to be a registered church member – Nana Agradaa

Mama evangelist Patricia Aseidu, formerly known as Agradaa, discloses that anyone who wants to be a member of her church is required to pay a registration fee of 300 cedis.

The fetish priestess who recently turned Christian has started operating a church with stringent rules, including a membership fee.

In a video circulating online, Evangelist Pat says, ” Before i will accept you as a church member, you will register. You will register with 300 cedis before becoming a church member because your problem becomes my problem.”

Listing reasons for the unconventional approach to winning souls for Christ, Agrada explained that a member’s problem becomes hers. Thus the compensation is in order for all the trouble.

“People go to churches, and they have nowhere to turn to when problems arise. People get into trouble with the police and won’t have anyone t call. A churchgoer can be detained in the hospital and have no one to call for support. So for my ministry, before we accept you as a church member, you will register. So even if only 10 people registered, they are my church members.

“If you don’t come and register early, I will increase the fee. I will increase it because my ministry is an expensive ministry. If you don’t come early to pay your 3oo cedis, i will soon increase it to 500 cedis,” Evangelist Pat iterated.

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