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Photo Of Abena Korkor’s Mother Pops Up Following Social Media Outburst

It’s embarrassingly sad that Abena Korkor is not only harming herself but she’s also putting those around her in a lot of pain.

Imagine your only daughter who shot to fame brings you nothing but disgrace and dishonour?

Abena Korkor’s family must be going through a lot as Abena remains unbothered about her behaviour online.

Following Abena Korkor’s outburst, a photo of her mum which she posted on the occasion of Mother’s Day has gone viral.

Abena Korkor is seen in a lovely pose with her mother, celebrating her. The smile on their faces speaks volumes of the happy moment they were in.

But it feels like Abena’s mother would be hurt more often than being happy! A social media user has questioned Abena on why she is hurting her mother so much..

Check out the post below;

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