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Photos of Shambolic Rev Obofour’s Old Family House Pops Up as he Blows Money on Women

As Ghanaian prophet Rev Obofour blows money fast on 1st and 2nd wives and only God knows how many number of sidechicks, his own family house reportedly remains in a shambolic and dilapidated state.

Inquisitive and concerned social media in-laws have dug deep and uncovered the alleged family house of Obofour looking like an eyesore.

A video of the house posted on social media has shocked netizens – no one expected anything associated with Obofour to look that disgusting.

The house is a very old building with the exterior looking like it’s not been renovated in any way since it was built in (probably) 1779.

The building looks like it could collapse anytime in a gust of wind.

The concerned social media in-law shared video of Obofour’ family house and expressed shock over its look.

This comes at a time Obofour is making all the news for allegedly wedding a 2nd wife.

He also allegedly took wifey number 2 on an exotic honeymoon whilst Bofowaa quietly fumed in Ghana.

Later, the prophet and Bofowaa released a loved up video response to the haters.

Amidst all that and blowing money on travel, Obofour has been advised by netizens to save some cash for his own family!

Watch the video of Rev Obofour’s family house below…

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