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Politicians in Ghana are always in a hurry in traffic just to go and steal – Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson has expressed worry over the fact that political appointees in Ghana are always busy on the roads in the country.

She says it’s shocking that even though users of the road always give them the benefit of doubt to allow them to move at a faster pace to get to their destination to work, they rather get there to plan on how to steal.

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Yvonne believes that it’s time their convoys are not given space to move past any car because they do not deserve that.

She believes such opportunities should be given to Doctors and Teachers who contribute to great courses for the benefit of the country.

“When I see the so called politicians with their escorts/convoy rushing/ speeding to wherever they are going its really funny. What are they really going to do? Going to work to chop more money? DOCTORS/TEACHERS should rather be given that treatment.”

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