Prof. Martey lacks integrity – NDC Communicator

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has taken a swipe at former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey over his change of style in commenting on national issues.

The outspoken critic who was very vocal on national issues during the Mahama-led administration between 2012 and 2016, consistently attacked the then government over perceived corruption and economic mismanagement.

But has strangely become silent in recent years.

Speaking at a Public Lecture in Koforidua, Prof. Martey said he now uses text messages among other channels to speak to people on matters of national interest.

However, reacting to Prof. Martey, a Member of the NDC communication team Wonder Madilo said Prof Martey lacks the tenets of Integrity.

The NDC Communicator also describes the attitude of the former Presbyterian Leaders double standards.

“All along in 2016 when he was making commentaries all due to ‘bribery’, we thought that he was an honest citizen in the public interest. We thought that he was being responsible, but events after that have given us cause for worry,” Mr. Mandilo said on Starr News.

“This was a man with the mic and could say anything he wanted. He could call the former President corrupt and he could lampoon all Ministers. All of a sudden such a man who is a man of God as it were will have a certain level of integrity, expected to be one of the moral fibers of our society tells us that now he uses text messages.

“As if that is not enough he uses text messages to text people who are in positions of authority and all that. Were text messages banned when the NDC was in power? Were all the means he is using now including taking money from the NPP and the allegations of his PRO were those not part of his motive,” the NDC Communicator alleged.




Source: Starrfm

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