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Prophet Who Prophesied Death of Heward Mills’ Son Predicts Death of Obinim And His Wife

The Ghanaian Prophet who predicted the death of Pastor Dag Heward-Mills’ son has come out again with another prophecy.

Senior Servant Baffour has taken to social media to speak about a vision he had about popular Ghanaian preacher Bishop Daniel Obinim and his family.

A disturbing post has been sighted on the Instagram page of Senior Servant Baffour where he spoke about the woes likely to befall Bishop Obinim.

According to the now popular prophet of doom, he saw the face of Bishop Obinim fade off in a vision from the Lord.

He added that he also saw the face of Obinim’s wife and retired gospel musician Florence Obinim also fading away, followed by another gentleman he presumes to be a junior pastor from Obinim’s church.

“I was graced with a passing vision in which I saw, Bishop Obinim’s face fading off gradually from the camera. His wife’s face was followed by someone that I perceived to be one of his Junior Pastors. It was left with only a building standing before the camera,” Senior Servant Baffour wrote.

Many on social media believe the doom prophet was predicting death for Bishop Obinim, his wife, and a junior pastor but others decoded the message as Obinim losing his fame.

They pointed out that Senior Servant said Obinim was fading from a Camera and the same was his wife and a junior pastor. What was left on the said camera was only a building which many assume is Obinim’s church.


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