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Residents appeal for speed ramps on Kete-Krachi highway over rampant accidents

Residents of Matamallan Ankase, a community at Kete-Krachi in the Oti region are appealing for speed ramps to curb pedestrian knockdowns on the Kete-krachi highway.

According to them, the speed ramps would put an end to the continuous road accidents in the district.

This comes after a Toyota Corolla vehicle killed six female students on Wednesday afternoon along the highway, returning from school.

During a visit to the district, Adom News observed that, the aggrieved residents had adopted ingenious ways to slow down speeding vehicles and reduce the risk of knockdowns as a temporal measure.

Speaking to Adom News, the Assembly member for the area, Philip Donkor said they have used heap of sand, stones and logs as temporal speed ramps to enable drivers reduce their speed.

According to him, although blocking the road remains the only option for them, they have been restrained from taking such an action.

Mr. Donkor said the situation remains dire as residents are still compelled to cross the road daily basis.

Meanwhile, the Oti Regional Minister, Joshua Makubu,who visited the community to commiserate with bereaved families called for the immediate construction of speed ramps on the highway.

Meanwhile, James Kofi Wassah, the man who lost three of his children with one in critical condition has requested for the autopsy and police report to aid in prosecution of the driver.

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