Russia halts gas supply to Poland

Russia halts gas supply to Poland

Russia has halted gas supply to Poland, Reuters reported on Wednesday, quoting data from the European Union network of gas transmission operators.

Polish state natural gas company PGNiG had on Tuesday said Russia would stop sending gas to the country.

PGNiG relies on Russian gas giant Gazprom for the majority of its imports.

Russian energy firm Gazprom had justified the suspension of supply under new payment rules announced on 31 March, which says that “unfriendly countries” must pay for Russian gas in roubles.

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But PGNiG has refused to pay in the Russian currency.

The Polish company said there were no immediate supply concerns. Demand is also lower as summer arrives in the country. PGNiG said that its underground gas storage was almost 80% full.

Bulgaria had also said earlier that Russia would halt supplies but there was no clarity early on Wednesday if the country’s had stopped receiving gas.

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