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Sad As Kumawood Actress Suffers Stroke After Sidechick Snatched Her Husband And Cursed Her – Video

A Kumawood actress is at her lowest point in life – the unidentified actress is currently bedridden with a stroke and she’s reportedly unable to do anything for herself.

According to reports, the actress has been cursed by her maidservant who later became her husband’s sidechick.

In an interview, the actress with her impaired speech narrated how her misfortune began.

She revealed that her maid snatched her husband and after she caught her and called her a prostitute, the lady cursed her and her life has never been the same again.

According to the actress, her husband has flown the lady abroad and she’s unable to even beg her to undo whatever she did to put her in that condition.

Apparently, the ailing actress stays with her mother who does everything humanly possible for her.

Watch the video below;

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