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Shots Fired! Who Is Kwame A-Plus – Feli Nuna

Singer Feli Nuna, who has a trending song titled ‘Towel,’ was caught up in a heated argument with veteran musician and politician Kwame A-Plus in the UTV studios during their United Showbiz segment for questioning Feli Nuna’s boyfriend’s relevance if he couldn’t finance her music career and had to seek investment from others.

Feli Nuna, who was in an exclusive interview session with Ola Michael on Neat FM’s Entertainment GH this morning, May 27, 2020, fired shots.

During the interview, Ola Michael was forced to read messages from listeners as many applauded Feli Nuna for her bravery, and when Kwame A-Plus’ name was mentioned, she asked a daring question.

“Who Is ‘She’ Kwame A-Plus”

Watch the video below.

Feli Nuna is currently promoting her song Towel.


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