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Stop selling our traditional dignity to an alien – Angry royals resist Dr. K.K Sarpong’s candidacy as Offinso paramount chief

Two royal families within the Offinso traditional area; Asona Akonkodease and Asona Ahyirem families, have stricken hard on some kingmakers of the Offinso traditional council over their intent to install Dr. K.K Sarpong as the next Paramount Chief of the traditional area.

According to the families, a taboo that has given them the shock of their lives is how some kingmakers have allegedly brought Mr. Kofi Kodua Sarpong, an alien to replace the late Nana Wiafe Akenteng III who died recently.

They said Dr. K.K Sarpong who is an alien to the Offinso traditional area, and a complete native of the Beposo traditional area has been brought by some greedy and selfish chiefs under an alleged monetary influence to take over the throne as the next Paramount Chief, something they described as a big taboo.

They have therefore vowed never to allow such a thing to occur for their ancestors to roar in anger.

Justifying their reasons for classifying Dr. K.K Sarpong as an alien, the aggrieved family members said Dr. K. K Sarpong is not a native of their town but Beposo in the Nsuta/ Kwaman- Beposo district, and not Offinso. They also challenged anyone to tell them which of the families within the Offinso traditional area Dr. K. K Sarpong belongs to.

“Does he come from Kokote, Abofour, Nkenkasu, Namong, Akomadan, Daaso, Amoawi, Dentin or where? We can authoritatively confirm that he’s from Beposo and even the Gyaase stool of Beposo belongs to his family. He did not bury his mother in Offinso here, neither are his uncles or grandfathers buried at any cemetery in Offinso here,” they said.

They also noted that Dr. K. K Sarpong has no ancestral home (Abusuafie) in Offinso. Adding that Mr. Sarpong recently built a house in Ofinso only to profess himself as a royal of the area. According to them, that could never be a yardstick. They said his name has never appeared on any funeral announcement in the area before.

The royal families asserted that, it is very ridiculous for some people to say the next successor to the late Nana Wiafe Akenten should be a rich person.

In a press statement read by Nana Kwaku Bour, spokesperson for the family, he said, it is never true that the two royal gates of Dwamena / Wiafe stool of Offinso, which include Asona Ahyirem and Asona Akonkodease had accepted Dr. K.K Sarpong as the eligible nominee as had been said by Okyeame Kwaku Wiafe.

They also blamed the queen mother of Offinso, Nana Serwaa Nyarko for conniving with the said chiefs without involving the appropriate families who are the real royals in the traditional area.

According to them, the queen mother did not convene a meeting with all the eighteen contestants to declare her choice as tradition demands. Secondly, she failed to introduce her choice to the royal families. Again, she mentioned her choice to only a few members of the Gyaase division in her private residence without informing Nana Asonahene who is the Abusuapanin for the two families.

What hurt them most is how the queen mother failed to introduce Mr. Sarpong to the Offinsoman for scrutiny as to whether someone had any charge against him or he deserved to be the legitimate candidate for the vacant stool as the chiefs and the queen mother had anticipated.

They noted that Dr. Sarpong is currently confused as to which of the two royal families he belongs to.

“He’s not a native of Offinso. Why do you want to buy royalty, a bigger taboo like this?” They said.

They alleged that one of his biological brothers has been made a sub-chief at the Beposo traditional area, wondering how such a person will suddenly turn himself a royal member of the Offinso traditional area.

“Let him point to his family in Ofinso here and let us see, he is an alien,” they said.

Addressing the media, the agitated family poured libation to express their disgust and also pray for the truth to reveal itself.

Nana Kwaku Bour, spokesperson for the family said there was the need for the kingmakers to make sure the right person from the royal family be made a king at the expense of Dr. K.K Sarpong.

The Abusuapanin of the Asona Ahyirem family, Nana Okontomene Aboagye said the families will never sit aloof for Nanahemaa and other chiefs to take them for granted and bring an alien like Mr. Sarpong from Beposo to come and take over the Offinso throne that had been built by the bloods and toils of their ancestors.

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